The Fedra opera at Teatro Massimo Bellini, Catania

During the premiere for the Opera and Ballet season 2016 until Sunday, January 24, at the Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania, will be hosted Fedra, the musical in two acts’ Abate Salvioni starring Raffaella Milanesi.

The film revolves around two actions from the eighteenth-century tragedy Carlo Innocenzo Frugoni, To the scene, directed by Andrea Cigni, Raffaella Milanesi, and Artavazd Sargsyan in the lead role and Jerome Correas who directs the Teatro Bellini orchestra.

Phaedra is the tragedy of a woman madly in love with even her son Hippolytus, who, instead of denies the love of women devoted to hunting and forest life, is blocked by fear of revealing incestuous love. The revelation that will eventually lead to outrage and cherish and subsequent revenge and deception of the woman will cause the brutal death of Hippolytus and her suicide.

All greeted by one-on-one, the organization collaborated with the management of the theater, fashion designer Mariella Gennarino and his son Mario, who passed the publication of the Opera lobby brochure “to promote literature. Chemical, irreplaceable resources and a great help also to the world of apparel design business and the fashion industry as a whole operating in Italy and abroad “as stated by the same designer and Entrepreneur Catania, during the period in the Fourier second floor, a number of gorgeous bridal dress parade models in the venue’s captivating atmosphere.

The opera Dido and Aeneas by Raffaella Milanesi

Dido and Aeneas were composed no later than July 1688 and was performed at the school for girls of Josias Priest in London in late 1689. Some scholars argue about a date of establishment in 1683. Story-based on Book IV of Virgil’s Aeneid. It recounted Dido, Queen Carthage’s love for the hero Aeneas Trojan, and her disappointment when he abandoned her.

A monumental piece in the Baroque opera, Dido and Aeneas, is remembered as one of Purcell’s most important theatrical productions. It is also Purcell’s only opera, as well as his dramatic work starring Raffaella Milanesi.

It owed heavily to John Blow’s Venus and Adonis, both in terms of structure and overall efficiency. The influence of Cavalli Didone’s opera is also evident.