The Most Hilarious Complaints We’ve Heard About how to prune a christmas cactus

You may be surprised when you learn that your very cactus-looking plant turns out not to be cactus in the slightest. The cactus also includes brilliant, colourful flowers. Trying to water the cactus on a standard schedule, including once weekly, will most likely not keep the plant healthy.

Christmas cactus is happiest when its roots are a little on the crowded side, and therefore don’t be in a rush to repot. A Christmas cactus may seem like a tough plant to look after, but if you like growing plants, it takes just a small amount of effort to keep them healthy and happy. It should be planted in soil that’s well-draining with lots of air space. It has roots that do not really grow firm. It can live in the same pot for a few years. In the summertime, the Christmas cactus needs to be put in a shady spot, to prevent direct light that may burn and dehydrate it.

Make sure there’s adequate drainage given to avoid the Christmas cactus from rotting. It can be forced to bloom indoors using the same treatment. If your Christmas cactus is provided proper care and is put in the most suitable location, it’s not uncommon for it to flower repeatedly throughout the year. The perfect way to know when your Christmas Cactus should be watered is to look at the soil.

Fertilization after planting isn’t needed. When the plants get too big they may be transplanted in their own pots. Epiphytic plants like seasonal cactus are especially prone to mineral salt damage.

Plants may not really die for a couple of years after spraying. The plants are quite easy to grow too. Christmas cactus plants must be in darkness at least 14 hours each day for around six weeks before the time you would like it to bloom.

Plants shouldn’t be pruned while blooming. Following your plant stops blooming, it requires a rest. Some Christmas cactus plants bloom by themselves, but others need a small encouragement.

Within the next section, learn all you will need to understand as a way to propagate your plants successfully. Just guarantee that the plant does get sunlight and warmer temperatures over the course of the day. Keep in mind, you’re essentially working with a leafy plant.

By pruning away a few of the roots and then taking off a number of the top you are able to keep your plant growing on” in exactly the same pot for decades. Don’t be concerned if your plant wilts at the start. Christmas cactus plants are quite hardy and adaptable, but they are able to suffer health problems if their environmental needs aren’t met.

When you see buds start to form, return to your normal watering schedule. Flower buds will start to develop in October. Bud or flower drop can normally be credited to over-watering, absence of humidity or insufficient light.

Pruning will generate a fuller plant. It is not always necessary but it will sometimes produce a fuller plant if that is what you want. Not always an essential procedure, but when needed pruning can help maintain an original form and look to your cactus.